Mr. Bin for Garbage Bin

Mr. Bin bags for Garbage Bin bags are large, reinforced, high quality bags. They are tough, scented and dependable, with convinient drawstring closure that is easy to close. Mr. Bin bags are eco friendly because they are OXO-biodegradable, when discarded in the environment, they fragment and degrade without leaving any harmful residues, in approximately 4 years. With the new 3layer technology we use less plastic but at the same time we deliver more resistance due to the elasticity of the bag.

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Garbage bin bags. More resistance in one bag!

• Blue 75x80x0,018 cm - 20 and 10 bags
• Black 75x80x0,015 cm - 20 bags
• Fuchsia 79x85x0,028 cm - 15 bags

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