TOPINE MultiChlor multipurpose cleaner for large surfaces with active chlorine

The new TOPINE MULTI CHLOR with active chlorine is a multipurpose cleaner suitable for cleaning all large surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, floor) and ideal for mopping the house. Thanks to its special formula with active chlorine and rich cleansing agents, it offers 4x action: 1. It offers shiny cleanliness and hygiene, by removing difficult stains, grease and hard dirt, 2. It whitens tiles, sinks, mosaic and sanitary ware, 3. It removes unpleasant odors , 4. It leaves a pleasant perfume. Available in two wonderful fragrances: Lemon - Lime and Flower scent!

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Spotless shining cleanlines, hygiene and fragrance!

Available in 2 variants:  
• Lemon - Lime

• Floral

Packaging: 900ml

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