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TOPINE Gel Ultra

Thick Bleach in Gel form
Ideal for cleaning and bleaching!

TOPINE GEL ULTRA Thick Bleach, thanks to its thick GEL form, stays and acts effectively on vertical surfaces such as toilet bowls for excellent results. It cleans, whitens and perfumes sanitary ware, sinks, tiles, enameled surfaces, formica, marble, mosaic. Now your favorite Lemon fragrance available also in the new economy pack size of 2 liters!

Available in 4 variants:  

• Lemon

• Lavender
• Ocean Fresh
• Eucalyptus-Mint

Packaging: 750ml, 1250ml & 2L (Lemon)

TOPINE Twist Ultra Gel

Thick Bleach in  Gel form with the unique innovation of twisting neck!
Ideal for cleaning & bleaching, even in the most difficult spots!

The new TOPINE TWIST ULTRA Thick Bleach, due to the twisting neck innovation, facilitates the use in the WC, allowing active chlorine, to reach even the most difficult areas such as the rim of the toilet! Cleans, whitens and perfumes tiles, sinks, sanitary ware, enameled surfaces, formica, marble, mosaic etc. Comes in two new and original fragrance combinations: Lemon - Grapefruit & Eucalyptus - Mint.

Available in two fragrance combinations:
• Lemon - Grapefruit
• Eucalyptus - Mint

Packaging: 750ml

TOPINE Multi Chlor Spray

Multipurpose cleaner with active chlorine and lemon fragrance
Spotless shining cleanliness for the whole house!

TOPINE MULTI CHLOR with active chlorine and lemon fragrance is a multipurpose cleaning spray suitable to clean the whole house daily. It leaves kitchen and toilet surfaces bright and shining clean, while it removes tough stains and grease. Topine Multi Chlor on top of its cleaning action, leaves the surfaces fragranced with the pleasant lemon perfume! Cleaning and perfume 2 in 1 by the new Topine Multi Chlor Spray! Easy to use with direct injection.

Packaging: 750ml

TOPINE MultiChlor multipurpose cleaner for large surfaces with active chlorine

Spotless shining cleanlines, hygiene and fragrance!

The new TOPINE MULTI CHLOR with active chlorine is a multipurpose cleaner suitable for cleaning all large surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, floor) and ideal for mopping the house. Thanks to its special formula with active chlorine and rich cleansing agents, it offers 4x action: 1. It offers shiny cleanliness and hygiene, by removing difficult stains, grease and hard dirt, 2. It whitens tiles, sinks, mosaic and sanitary ware, 3. It removes unpleasant odors , 4. It leaves a pleasant perfume. Available in two wonderful fragrances: Lemon - Lime and Flower scent!

Available in 2 variants:  
• Lemon - Lime

• Floral

Packaging: 900ml

EUREKA Scouring Cream

General purpose cream cleaner.
Powerful cleaning action.

EUREKA Cream cleaner, with its easy rinsing formula, removes stains and dissolves dirt from cookers, bath basins, stainless steel, ceramics, formica, plastics and other surfaces, without scratching.

Available in 2 types:  
• Original
• Lemon scented

Packaging: 500ml

Eureka multi-surface cleaner

Cleaner and polisher for all smooth surfaces.
Also suitable for screens & monitors ! (TV, PC, Tablet)

EUREKA multi-surface cleaner safely cleans dirt and dust from all surfaces such as glass, synthetic, wood and metal, whilst also having a distinct advantage. It effectively cleans modern surfaces such as TV screens, PC monitors, tablets and smart-phone screens! Due to its antistatic formulation, the surfaces will remain dust-free and clean for longer, radiating a distinct, natural shine.

Packaging: 300ml


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