EUREKA Color Block

Color absorber sheets.
No more dye-transfer during washing.

EUREKA Color Block due to the specially treated exclusive fibre, absorbs dyes and dirt released from clothing, during the wash before they stain other clothes. Unlike other products, the special microfibre permits easier washing fluid passage to facilitate leaked dye absorption. Using EUREKA Color Block in every wash, sorting your laundry is no more needed, while it also saves time, energy and money.

Packaging: 10 and 20 sheets

EUREKA Color Block + Fabric Softener

Color absorber with fabric softener and 3in1 action.
Βlocks color transfer, softens the clothes & offers them a unique fresh scent!

Τhe new EUREKA Color Block + Fabric Softener is an innovative 3in1 product! The EUREKA Color Block + Fabric Softener sheets, thanks to their high density weaving and the special ingredients that their fibers are infused, ensure greater and faster absorption of colors that are released during wash. In addition, thanks to the action of 2 special fabric softener strips, it offers extra softness and a unique fresh scent to your clothes!

Packaging: 10 sheets

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