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EUREKA Professional Washing Powder Active Care

Laundry powder detergent in professional packaging.

A complete laundry detergent for professional use. Suitable for all types of laundry, even for sensitives and colours. With more active and whitening agents that prevent the greying of whites. It contains more enzymes, so it cleans all types of stains, even the greasier ones.

Packaging: bag 10kg

EUREKA Professional Whitening Powder

Whitening powder in professional packaging.

The professional solution of the Number 1 company for whiteners for the past 50 years in Greece. With special whitening action, very effective against hydrophilic stains (tea, red wine, fruit juices). Advanced chlorine-free formula, with special whitening agents, to enhance the detergent's action for even deeper cleaning. White clothing brightens up again after washing, a very important feature for professionals, since the white colour is a sign of cleanliness.

Packaging: bag 5kg


Dishwashing liquid in professional packaging.

EUREKA Family is available in economical packaging and it is ideal for professional use. It dissolves grease quickly and easily and has a pleasant fragrance.

Available in 2 fragrances:
• Blue Ocean
• Lemon Fresh

Packaging: container 5L


ROKLIN Concentrated

All purpose liquid cleaner in professional packaging.

ROKLIN Concentrated is ideal for your household cleaning. Use it diluted in water for cleaning large surfaces, or undiluted on a sponge for kitchen stoves, work surfaces, sinks etc., or apply directly onto dirt. With a pleasant lemon scent.

Packaging: container 4L

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